How To Apply Vinyl Lettering

Top Tips On Applying Your Decal Lettering

  1. Take your time.
  2. Apply to a clean surface, you can use 10% meths or alcohol in your cleaning solution and spray for a cleaner surface and better, faster adhesion.
  3. Use a pencil or marker to work out your positioning (centre).
  4. Use plenty of water (this gives you more time to move or adjust your letters into the perfect position.
  5. Work from the inside out – or middle of your design when applying your decal or letters.
  6. Work bubbles out slowly with your squeegee.
  7. Allow time for your vinyl to stick, especially dots and commas.
  8. Use a hair dryer or allow the sun to dry your vinyl – it will stick faster.
  9. If applying lettering to a car, don’t go through the car wash for a day after application.
  10. Use a pin to prick out any left over bubbles if you haven’t been able to squeegee out all of the air bubbles. If you work slowly from the inside out you shouldn’t have any bubbles left.

What you will need. Lettering, squeegee, pencil and spray bottle.

Make sure your surface is clean and clear of dirt or other contaminants.

Mark a line on surface where the bottom of your letters will line up.

Next draw a line under the bottom of text along the whole row at base of letters.

Peel back cover layer with text face down – the shiny paper part on top which you will peel away leaving the text on the cover sheet.

Spray back of text liberally with water. Tip: Use plenty of water to avoid bubbles.

Spray surface with plenty of water also.

Turn text over and move it around until markings/lines are lined up with each other

Use a squeegee to push out air bubbles and adhere vinyl to surface. Then leave for about 5 minutes or longer if a cold day (this is important).

Carefully remove top cover film taking care not to lift edges of vinyl.

Gently use squeegee to push out any air bubbles and stick the vinyl firmly.


Remove excess water and you are done.