How To Remove Old Vinyl

Removing old vinyl letterings or decals is relatively quick and easy. You may already have the tools and materials in your household ready to use.

  1. Put your vehicle (car, boat, trailer, etc.) on a secure and dry place.
  2. Check the material (metal, plastic, fibreglass, etc.) where the old vinyl is applied. Note: You will apply heat to the surface of the material.
  3. Get an electric hair dryer or heat gun with a good length of a power extension lead and connect to the power point. Warning: Always Safety First as you are using electricity, heat and you are maybe close to combustible fuel.
  4. Start with the lowest setting in your hair dryer or heat gun applying heat to the surface to warm it up without damaging the material. You may need to increase the setting if not warm enough to heat the surface.
  5. Safely check the temperature of the surface with your free hand.
  6. Slowly remove the old vinyl by pricking with your finger or using a plastic spatula without damaging the surface.
  7. You may need to warm the old vinyl and surface from time to time to completely remove the old vinyl.
  8. Put away your hair dryer or heat gun securely and properly with the power switched off. Let it cool down before you store it back.
  9. Get a clean rag and soak with turpentine or kerosene and use it to remove the glue residue of the old vinyl. Be careful not to damage the surface of your vehicle.
  10. Finally clean the surface with a 10% solution of meth or alcohol, or a mixture of soap and water with a clean rag.
  11. Let the surface dry properly before you will apply the new vinyl.