Aircraft Registration & Marking


This is 1 set (a pair) of Aircraft Registration Vinyl Lettering for New Zealand aircraft in one 1 colour up to 6 letters including hyphen. The vinyl lettering is prepared as a whole with the vinyl applicator. The vinyl used is high performance cast vinyl to cater the uneven surface of your aircraft.

The height of the lettering is 250mm and the width of the letter is around 167mm.


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Aircraft Registration Stickers

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Civil Aviation Rules, Part 47 – CAA Consolidation details the specification and measurement of the marking in New Zealand.

ZK is the abbreviation for New Zealand aircraft registration prefix (e.g. ZK-NZL).

Click on the text to edit with the desired registration name. To change the colour of the text, click the text first, go to the lower left most side of the tool and click the tooltip Fill and select from the preset colours to experience the look and feel of your design.

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