Custom Boat Name Lettering


This is 1 unit of Boat Name Vinyl Lettering on 1 colour. The vinyl used is high performance cast vinyl to cater the uneven surface of your boat. The maximum dimensions for the lettering are 100mm in height by 570mm in width. Contact us for a quote for bigger dimensions.

  • choose the name of your boat
  • measure the area for the name on your boat in mm
  • choose the font style of the lettering ( will provide you font style ideas)
  • choose the colour scheme of the vinyl
  • create your design with our online designer
  • purchase your order online


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Custom Vinyl Lettering for your Boat

Welcome to our Online Designer. You are now ready to personalise your boat.

Moby is the default name. To manipulate, click on it, resize it, drag it, change the name or even delete it by clicking the different icons.

To add your own lettering, click on the lettering icon, add the text in the box then click the Add Text button. If the text box is blocking your lettering, just click the edit text icon on the lower toolbar.

For other font styles not in the default list, go to for ideas.

Leave us a message in the comments section for additional information that will help us process your order quicker and faster.

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