Custom Vehicle Lettering & Logo


This is for one (1) Line Lettering and one (1) Business Logo (1 colour for both) on your vehicle. After you have chosen your lettering design, email us your logo, we will cut both then ship it to you.

Maximum dimensions:

Lettering = 100mm Height x 570mm Width

Logo = 200mm Height x 200mm Width

For bigger dimensions, contact us for a quote.



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Vehicle Lettering & Logo Decals

These are vinyl lettering and logo using high performance cast vinyl to cater the uneven surfaces on the vehicle. Suitable to promote your business while on the go and on the road.

To manipulate the lettering and the logo, click on the object, resize it, drag it, or even delete it. To add your own lettering, click on the lettering icon, add the text on the box then click the add text button. If the text box is blocking your lettering, just click the edit text icon on the lower toolbar.

To add your own logo, click on the camera icon, drag and drop the logo file to the box, click the confirm button, resize your logo and then drag and drop to the desired location on your vehicle.

Additional information

Special Colours (can be ordered in for you, allow 2 extra days):

AzureBlue, BrilliantBlue, BrimstoneYellow, Brown, Burgundy, CobaltBlue, Cream, DarkBlue, DarkGreen, DarkGrey, DarkRed, DeepSeaBlue, ForestGreen, Gentian, GentianBlue, GoldenYellow, GrassGreen, IceBlue, KingBlue, Lavender, LightBlue, LightBrown, LightGreen, LightGrey, LightOrange, LightRed, LightYellow, Lilac, LimeTreeGreen, MiddleGrey, Mint, NutBrown, OrangeRed, PastelOrange, Pink, Purple, PurpleRed, SignalYellow, SkyBlue, SoftPink, SteelBlue, Violet, Yellow