Custom Vehicle Number Plate Surrounds


This pair of Number Plate Surrounds fits on your NZ vehicle plate number. It comes on 3 colours; Black, White and Blue. It is easy to install with your existing vehicle number plate.

Top Text maximum text height is 12mm and the maximum width is 340mm.

Bottom Text maximum text height is 18mm and the maximum width is 340mm.




Vehicle Number Plate Surrounds – Pair

The quickest way to promote your business while on the streets is a Number Plate Surrounds for your vehicle. You can put your Website name and your Unique Selling Proposition or Mobile Number with your desired font and colour that matches your branding both at the back and front of your vehicle.

Click on the individual text to edit to your desired wordings. To change the colour of the texts, click on the text first, go to the lower left most side of the tool, click the tooltip Fill and choose from the preset colours to experience the look and feel of your design.

Additional information

Special Colours (can be ordered in for you, allow 2 extra days):

AzureBlue, BrilliantBlue, BrimstoneYellow, Brown, Burgundy, CobaltBlue, Cream, DarkBlue, DarkGreen, DarkGrey, DarkRed, DeepSeaBlue, ForestGreen, Gentian, GentianBlue, GoldenYellow, GrassGreen, IceBlue, KingBlue, Lavender, LightBlue, LightBrown, LightGreen, LightGrey, LightOrange, LightRed, LightYellow, Lilac, LimeTreeGreen, MiddleGrey, Mint, NutBrown, OrangeRed, PastelOrange, Pink, Purple, PurpleRed, SignalYellow, SkyBlue, SoftPink, SteelBlue, Violet, Yellow